Returning to yourself amidst the daily buzz

I haven’t had a proper routine in the last few years since life has been ever changing and a gazillion things happening all at once. It is a breath of fresh air to finally have a fixed routine. I am a highly sensitive person (Highly sensitive people-HSP- compose about 20% of the population and process sensory data much more deeply and thoroughly due to a biological difference in their nervous systems. According to Elaine Aron PhD, who coined the term, HSPs have “an increased sensitivity to stimulation” and “are more aware of subtleties and process information in a deeper, more reflective way.”). Hence, for me, being out all day also means my brain and senses are on overdrive. I get so drained and exhausted by the end of my work days, all I can think of is diving under the covers (even when it’s 6pm). I quickly realised I have to take care of my wellbeing as well if I want to function at my best. As a doctor, you are there for patients all day, giving.

But in order to give without burning out, one must also be ready to receive. By receive I mean, self care and self renewal. Once in a while feel overwhelmed by to do lists and errands . It’s impossible to be top of every single thing at once, yet we strive to do that and exhaust ourselves in the process. We then sometimes feel like things are out of our control, that there isn’t enough time to get everything done.

I quickly realised that I need to recharge the fuel that drives me. I can only drive my passion and fulfill my dreams if I take care of me before everything else. How often do we forget ourselves when we have to take care of a million things in our external lives? I realised that all this time, what I learnt about mindfulness, relaxation and grounding techniques, would be of utmost importance NOW, in the midst of the rush. Now I can see how much I need to disconnect with the outside world and reconnect with myself. The zero mind of meditation is a welcome getaway. Taking up a physical activity one enjoys also helps to reconnect mind and body in a poweful way. Being mindful of the little pleasures keeps us grounded and connected to our innate core self of pure joy. Present moment awareness prevents us from getting caught up in yesterday’s or tomorrow’s worries. So, drink your coffee mindfully, enjoy the sights of the beautiful surroundings, immerse yourself in the joy of listening to your favourite music, wind down with an interesting book, dwelve into the beauty of a sunny day or even a dull, grey rainy day. Do what makes you feel whole and what makes you happy. Be in wonder of the world around you.

These little changes in our day are what make the whole difference: going back to your breath, focusing on the now, being mindful, appreciating the beautiful little moments of each day.

What have you been doing to reconnect with yourself each day once all the to-dos are done?

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