I´m Deesha, a 28 year old free spirit who loves summer, nature, music, food, dancing, fun and inspiring conversations, hearing others’ life story, meeting people, having fika (more about that later) and above all, I love TEA. 3 years ago, I moved from my home country (a teeny island in the Indian Ocean) that has postcard picture beaches and warm weather all year round to a land far far away (Sweden) where it’s cold (very cold) most of the time.

I love everything Psychology (Positive and Behavioural Psychology) and Psychotherapy. Been fascinated with the mind and the way we think thoughts ever since I was little. I remember asking myself: “Why do we think? What are thoughts? How do we get to think? What is this monologue in our heads?”

I am a dreamer at heart. I dream of a world where we will have deeper understanding of ourselves and others and use that to help each other bloom, and make the world one filled with love, kindness and peace. Many say that it’s not a realistic thought in our day and age…but hey, it does not hurt to try to reach for the moon because if you fall, you will catch the stars.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Free spirit the. Always look outside the box and adapt, mindfully to this moment.

    Sounds like you will be a good healer


    Please care some, be invested in your clients, have a desire for them to heal in a timely manner, American therapists are taught to detach, be unemotional, show no emotion almost be a person with no affect.

    That works to an extent but a client knowing you care is part of the healers job, my opinion.

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