I have always been fascinated with the mind, thoughts, and human behaviour. I love getting inspired by conversations about life’s ups and downs, talking to others about their purpose and dreams. I try to provide support, encouragement, positivity and a compassionate listening ear as much as I can. Empathy is my middle name and being highly sensitive helps me feel everything. And I mean everything. I feel deep in my gut the pain and suffering of a patient complaining about a certain ailment and that drives me to go out of my way to relieve them from that pain physically and psychologically.

My experience with self discovery has helped me realise my life purpose. I am a medical doctor/general physician and have a passion for psychology and psychotherapy and want to bring more soul into this soul-less world. A tough task, but not impossible.

I want to help people find their way through the dark times and find in themselves what they have been searching outside all along. 

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