Today I realised that the only way to strive through everything is just to shine your light irrespective of your environment. Being yourself and doing what you love without thinking of the judgement and negativity of others is the only thing that keeps you afloat. Others pick up on that light that you radiate and they then tend to soften.
You cannot change the behaviour of others. But you can:

1. Change your thoughts about their behaviour.
2. Accept that others can be rude or negative
3. Not judge them for their behaviour
4. Not feel responsible for their behaviour or reaction

Because you are the only one responsible for your thoughts, feelings and reactions. You determine the negativity or positivity of a situation, in your head.

By realising this valuable lesson, you can be the best of you and be true to yourself. When others see your truth, your passion and the goodness in you, they tend to shift. Shine your light, let it shine bright. And others will follow and shine theirs. Because that what it’s all about, sharing the light and getting the world to a higher level of consciousness. Where everyone is good for the greater good.

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