It’s the little things…

Today has been a lovely day so far. No special occasion though.  Rather, I was mindful of the little things that made me smile and feel pure joy in my heart.

My day started kind of meh. If I had actually stayed home and lazed around mindlessly the way I wanted to, it wouldn’t have been a good day.

As soon as I stepped out of the house, glorious sunny weather greeted me. The last few weeks have been cold, wet and grey. Stepping out into the sun out was a like getting a warm hug. I admired the beautiful tree in full bloom, laden in bright pink flowers, contasting beautifully against the blue sky.

As I walked to the train station, I appreciated the beauty of nature, the sky, the warm weather. I sensed the joy of the people who were out enjoying the sun.

I savoured every sip of my chai latte during by bus ride. I looked out the window and was fascinated by the gorgeous wild flowers growing in the grass by the road. As I enjoyed my surroundings, I wanted it to last a little longer, so I took pictures of the beauty all around me. As I walked to the Neurology Rehab clinic where I volunteer weekly, I contemplated the beautiful serene grounds and the lovely flowers. Today we played “boule” with the patients. The weather was too lovely to stay indoors. Each and everyone of us was truly enjoying the weather, the game, the laughs and each other’s company.

The Swedes use the expression “njuta av”. It translates to something a little more luscious and indulgent than just “enjoy”. It’s really taking in the experience with all your senses and loving every bit of it. Maybe “savour” would be a better translation. How many times have I seen Swedes close their eyes and feel the warmth of the sun on their skin.  This is a way they cherish “vårkänsla” (feeling of spring). Where I come from, it’s sunny most of the time and good weather is practically taken for granted. I learnt a lot about enjoying the little things from the culture here.

I took in some lovely views during my commute back, and it made me smile inside. I have now come to my favourite cafe to write. I thoroughly relished each bite of my bagel as I gazed out at the view of the water. In these moments, I find only pure joy. The more little moments like these we can savour everyday, the happier we feel overall. This is the true essence of happiness. Not just chasing after a big dream. Of course dreams are beautiful and it is important to have goals and work towards them. But in the mean time, don’t while away the time you have waiting for your dream to happen. Enjoy the ride.  Be happy now. In this very moment. Not later. Now.

Even if your life situation is not what you would like it to be right now, you still have beauty all around you. Revel in the beauty of nature, the gorgeous laugh of a child, the luscious smell of cofee, the taste of your favourite food. Delight in watching your favourite TV show, in meeting your friend, in cuddling with your loved ones. The possibilities are endless. Be mindful of the now. Let your senses guide you and bask in the joy of the little things.



The little things that made my day

One thought on “It’s the little things…

  1. It seems that we can change our mood just looking at the little things around us… And it’s true!!! Sun, birds, flowers, breathing… I agree 🙂

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